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Child Reading in the Grass


A fun-filled summer with your friends

Our preschool camps offer a fantastic summer program for children ages 2 to 6. Each week preschoolers jump into action, participating exciting  and adventurous activities and special events. At Brightonview, preschoolers have the opportunity to expand their horizons during the summer, embarking on new experiences, and having fun! Our camp program will inspire your child’s mind to engage, explore, create and stay active this summer!  Our camps run through 10 weeks of summer and offer weekly flexibility and multiple schedule options, starting June 19 through August 25th. Camps are open to families who are currently registered or registered to start in the fall. Space is limited with priority given to full time campers.

Infants and Toddler Summer Program is an incredible program for children 6 weeks through 24 months of age. It is available to families who are register in our school-year program. The summer program maintains structure and provides high-quality time with the teachers.  The summer program is 10 full weeks starting as soon as the school year ends in mid-June.  Our commitment to maintain consistent year-round teaching staff and a calm, consistent environment.  To enroll in the full-10 weeks please contact us directly for availability.

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