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Dedicated and experienced teachers are here to support the whole child

By creating a safe, consistent, and welcoming environment, Brightonview Montessori helps to foster the confidence and curiosity of our students.  Our programs are offered based on the child's age as of September 1 of the school year. Actual classroom placement is based on a variety of factors. Check out our programs!


6w - 12m

Spot Available!

A Montessori classroom for infants, sometimes referred to as “The Nido” (Italian for "nest"), accommodates non-mobile or crawling infants in a peaceful classroom environment. Here, the infant safely explores, feeling secure in the presence of loving adult caregivers. The environment includes developmentally appropriate furniture and materials. 


12m - 24m

Opening June 17, 2024

The toddler classroom introduces children to the structured montessori classroom. Safety is paramount, but equipment that limits a child’s freedom of movement is avoided. Instead, specially designed furniture supports your child’s budding independence, including bars for pulling up, mirrors to reflect body movement, and a sleeping area with individual floor beds/mats, and child-sized tables and chairs rather than high chairs.


24m - 30m

Opening June 17, 2024

Our toddler/ pre-primary program is a perfect introduction to Montessori. We begin to introduce more routine and structure to children’s activities and daily schedule. Your child will build vocabulary, learn functional numerical skills, and will be encouraged to use simple reasoning to explain everyday occurrences. Potty training is focus in this classroom.


2.5y - 5y

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Our primary program encourages increased independence and gives children the tools to not only care for, but to love and respect themselves and their environment. Dr. Maria Montessori discovered that around three years of age the child needs an environment in which these tendencies can continue to flourish. In the environment, the student learns the importance of self-discipline, responsibility, personal identity and an understanding of the world. Children find joy by producing meaningful work and by seeing a task or concept from start to finish.



Spot Available!

The Pre-K classroom is dedicated to those students who are graduating to Kindergarten the following school year. The class will align with Common Core through a hands-on montessori approach to prepare them for Kindergarten. Significant focus on emotional regulation and expression of feelings.

aafter care.jpeg

Before & After Care
18m - 6y

Opening June 17, 2024

After school teachers at Brightonview Montessori will engage their students and inspire them to engage in creative play and socialization. Drop off starting as early as 7:30am, daily and pickup as late as 6:00PM.  This time allows children to be creative and take part in open-ended play.

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